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Lady  Doc Legal & Professional Services, LLC is a  professional certified legal document preparer & Credit Repair  Restoration company whose main goal and objective is to save time and  money for Pro Se consumers with the highest level of integrity,  professionalism and top performance. Our services include Legal Document  Preparation and Credit Repair Restoration at flat fee rates for:

Credit Repair & Restoration (FES Credit Protection Plan): Lady  Doc Legal & Professional Services understand the problems and  headaches that can occur when dealing with credit reporting agencies and  trying to clean up your credit report. That's why we take credit repair  restoration seriously and here to help you turn your credit lifestyle  around.

Your  credit score is very important in determining the interest rates you  pay for loans such as: mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, auto  insurance and more. As you may or may not know, your credit report will  determine your credit score which determines your rate. For as low as  $89.00 a month we can help you take action today on repairing/restoring  your credit. Call our office today for more information about the FES Credit Protection Plan. 

Certified Signing Agent: (Loan Signings and 1st & 2nd Real Estate closings).

Notary Services: (flat fee per signature).

Child Support Petitions & Modifications:  (Document preparation for Supplemental Petition for Modification of  Child Support; Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Visitation;  Petition to Relocate with Minor Child or children).

Civil Complaints/Answers: (Document preparation for answers such as: Dissolution of marriage;  Complaint for child support; Supplemental Petitions; Complaint for  eviction).

Debt Defense: (Document preparation for Answers to Debt Collection Law Suit/Collection of Debt).

Early Termination of Probation or Modification of Probation: (In order request early termination of probation or modification or  probation; all court fines, costs, restitution should be paid in full;  HAVE NOT re-offended; AND completion of all conditions such as:  community service and all required classes).

Sealing of Criminal Record: (The  waiting period to seal a criminal record is five years. To qualify for  sealing, a person must not have ever had any prior criminal record  sealed, AND may only seal an arrest record that did not result in a  criminal conviction).

Expungement of Criminal Record: (Expungement/Expunction entirely removes the criminal record history).

LLC Formation: (Preparation to Set-up LLC Formation; however filing fees are separate).

Name Change: (When an adult want the court to change his or her name).

Modification of Alimony: (Document Preparation for Supplemental Petition to modify an existing family court order for Alimony).

Paternity & Related Relief: (Petition to Determine Paternity and Related Relief is for parents who  was never married and now separating or separated. Please note all  parties are required to complete a financial affidavit. We do not  include a financial affidavit, however we will provide a blank form for  you to complete).

Disestablishment of Paternity:  (Document Preparation for disestablishment of Paternity for Pro Se  Litigants who need to petition the court to prove the child is not his.  For information on this rule see Florida Statues 742).

Small Claims: (Document Preparation to settle minor legal disputes less than $5000.00 or answers to small claim petitions).

Divorces: (Document Preparation for divorce; with or without children and/or  property. Pro Se Litigants whom have children will also need to file a  Parenting Plan. Please note all parties are required to complete a  financial affidavit. We do not include a financial affidavit, however we  will provide a blank form for you to complete).

Family Adoptions: (Document Preparation ONLY for Stepparent, Grandparent, other Family Adoptions).

Parenting Plan: (Document Preparation for Parenting Plan consists of three types:  Regular Parenting Plan; Safety Focused/Supervised Visitation; Long  Distance/Relocation Parenting Plan).

Renewing of Vows

Wedding Ceremonies

*Hourly Rate  fee of  $55.00 for extensive legal research & document preparation (Four Hour Minimum).

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