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***Document Preparation Step-by-Step Process.***

     There is a step-by-step Process for Document Preparation as follows:

1.)  There will be an Initial Telephone Interview to discuss and get more  detailed information in order to determine what forms are needed for  document preparation. However, for virtual legal document preparation;  once written information is received via email, scan or fax from the Pro  Se Consumer it will be determined at that time whether or not the  document preparation will be accepted or denied by the Legal Document  Preparer.

2.) Payment is due for the document preparation in response to the forms needed and or requested.

3.) “Disclosure from Non-lawyer” form completed, signed and returned via fax, scan or in person.

4.)  After payment has been received, you will receive a phone call to  schedule an over the phone interview. The phone interview will be in  reference to questions needed to prepare your legal documents correctly.  In some instances we may require a completion of a questionnaire in  order to complete your document successfully.

5.) Please be  prepared to be on a phone interview for one hour to an hour-an-half for  form completion such as; family law or extensive legal research. To  speed up the process and to ensure a smooth process, please have case  numbers and addresses of all parties involved readily available to  provide for form entry.


 ***Policy and Procedure’s***

Lady  Doc Legal & Professional Services LLC. Will return to the consumer  his or her completed documents within 7 to 10 business days from the day  ALL information was received from the consumer; verbally or in writing  in order to complete the legal documents. Therefore, at this time, the  document preparation process will begin.  Upon receipt of all completed  documents it is the responsibility of the consumer to proof read and  make sure all facts and documentation is completed correctly. However,  if there is incorrect information or errors documented on the completed  form’s that was solely minor errors; please contact my office  immediately and we will make the necessary corrections, re-submit the  form to you the consumer at no additional cost. There is no additional  charges for minor revisions; however it is solely based on our  discretion what revisions are considered “minor”. Moreover, upon  agreement by the consumer that all legal documents are successfully  complete and error free; Lady Doc Legal & Professional Services LLC  shall not be held responsible thereafter.

Once payment is  received it is considered a final payment. Meaning, the document  preparation process is in progress and all information is collected from  you the consumer either by; verbal teleconference or via form sent to  you from our office requesting information. . However, if no document  preparation has

begun we will issue a refund. Refunds (full or partial) are issued at our sole discretion.

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